Ktron (xk4thrynx) wrote in mtv_jams,

Getdown-threatdown #1

Jamz and things to watch out/strike a pose for:

5: DJ Khaled recruiting more of everyone in the game ever.

4: Classy acts! A few very classy gentlemen are invading Jams, including Ne-Yo, Fonzworth Bentley, and John Legend. It evokes old 80's Morris Day-esque vibes and sounds.

3: FUTURISTIC BITTES! Lloyd and the Dream both used dancers that were clad in metallic clothes and skin. Please don't let this fad end. Also, incorporating Lloyd's smile in every video ever would be a great start to 09'.

2: Vocoders.

1: T-WAYNE. Once upon a time Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Weezy) Was an amazing rapper. In the sprang-summer of 08' he started fooling around with the vocoder, and met his vocally impaired soul mate and soon to be husband T-Pain. Don't get me wrong, the Carter III is tight. But not only has Weezy taken on the same role as a wingman that T-pain has, he is becoming INCREASINGLY UGLIER. HIS FACE IS SO NASTY! In the single/high school graphic design project "Can't Believe It" T-pain and Weezy have united as one vocally distored and ugly force, noted on Lil Wayne's shirt as "T-Wayne." In other words, THEY GAY.
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