Samantha (skippyelephant) wrote in mtv_jams,

I'm sure we've all seen or heard "Everybody" by Fonzworth Bentley, Andre 3000, and Kanye West. In the video, Yeezy is introduced as Mr. West though, which I assumed was just to make him seem a little more gentlemanly.

However, though, while watching Jams today I saw Kanye's "Stronger" come on and there it said the song was by Mr. West.
Since when is he officially Mr. West?!

Also, Jams has been especially good lately. I guess since all the cray summer jams have ended. Yesterday there was a De La Soul marathon and today there's been Wu-Tang, M.I.A., and that sweet new Common video for "Universal Mind Control".
Tags: blap blap, de la soul, kanye west, mr. west, questions, ye, yeezy
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