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So I guess recent Jams haven't been that interesting. No worries, though, because I got a great idea. Let's revisit some jams of the past! Specifically: the nineties. The 90's was a great time for jams, specifically r&b but also rap and soul. I thought I'd kick things off with an often overlooked but awesomely catchy and still wise jam from 1990.

I bring you "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe.

What are some favorite nineties jams of yours? Feel free to post as many as you want in the form of videos, playlists, mp3s, or however you feel.
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Two MORE Beyonce Jams

Two new music videos from Beyonce. First we have Diva... which Beyonce one-ups both Kanye and Lady GaGa by having absolutely ridiculous sunglasses and outfits throughout the video. And are those the same dancers from Single Ladies? I think they might be, which kind of explains her keeping up the theme of crazy kickass choreography.

There's also Halo

which is really nice and has pretty lighting and Ballerinayonce.

I hope Beyonce puts out videos for every song on her album again.
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It's an election day Jams special! Filled with all of our favorite politically themed jams around. Feel free to post any I forgot.

Here's an easy one. MJB and Big Boi with Something's Gotta Give.

The Dream and Young Jeezy's "I Luv Your Girl" is only here because of the first lyrics.

Of course "Yes We Can" which is just and some other celebrities singing along with Obama.

"Black Republicans" by Weezy and Juelz Santana

Not as much politically themed, but I'm sure a lot of us will be watching the news tonight, so Nas' "Sly Fox" can get a mention.

Sorry I couldn't find any about McCain. I did find some lame thing about Huckabee but it wasn't really good at all.


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So Beyonce has released two new jams recently.

One of them, "If I Were A Boy", is apparently one of MTV Jams' jam of the week and I can see why. The song is interesting as is the video.

The other one, "All The Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", is also a jam of the week. When I first heard the song I didn't like it much but now I can't get enough of it. The video is basic, and the dancing is reminiscent of Janet Jackson somewhat. What's up with the robot arm though? Is it symbolic of how marriage, as it as her left hand and arm, turns a woman into a robot, that neither thinks nor acts on her own? Or was it to emphasize the ring hand? Or did Beyonce just want to look like the terminator?

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Mr. West (the gentleman/baller formerly known as Kanye West) premered his new video for "Love Lockdown." Check it check it out:

It's the only jawn I've ever seen that incorperates African tribal dancing, space ships, zombies, and surreal black light bittes in the same video. Kanye's having that heart 2 heart for the entaaaaher 4:53 minutes (in that haunting vocoder style of course! it's filmed well too!) . Totally LJ icon worthy. Here's what some fellow youtubers had to say:

"dis shit go hella hard!!!!!" - LilDreTV

"damn, dis MY ish* i can feel it. not just the typical radio-friendly, mediocore record. i can FEEL it and the video SICK. different from the typical CLUB scene with da hawt chixx. _iz his heart, i feel it 'Ye! "keep ya love lockdown" - Teezy2damntasztiC

"ass" - JanL1993

Mr. West continues to have fun merging genres and creating fresh videos that are always an interesting spectacle. Jeah!
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I'm sure we've all seen or heard "Everybody" by Fonzworth Bentley, Andre 3000, and Kanye West. In the video, Yeezy is introduced as Mr. West though, which I assumed was just to make him seem a little more gentlemanly.

However, though, while watching Jams today I saw Kanye's "Stronger" come on and there it said the song was by Mr. West.
Since when is he officially Mr. West?!

Also, Jams has been especially good lately. I guess since all the cray summer jams have ended. Yesterday there was a De La Soul marathon and today there's been Wu-Tang, M.I.A., and that sweet new Common video for "Universal Mind Control".